Warley Township

Kell, Wainstalls - viewed from above Kell Brook.

1. Kell, Wainstalls – viewed from above the northern bank of Kell Brook. (2011).                          

Green Edge to Cold Edge.                                                                                                    Warley Township: Halifax. A family focused view of aspects of local history.                                

Green Edge and Cold Edge are two distinctive yet different moorland localities within the upper section of Warley Township in the Parish of Halifax. It is within this particular geographical context that much of this socially based account of history takes place. For the most part it is against the backdrop of the industrial revolution in the manufacturing of textiles that the life and times of ordinary working families is recorded. It is in focusing upon six generations of direct-line ancestors – principally the life of John Holgate (1791-1860) – that the story of human experience unfolds.

Green Edge to Cold Edge is made available here as a .pdf file. In addition a full colour book version is available from Lulu.com.

Green Edge to Cold Edge – pdf halifaxandus.co.uk