Mount Zion Chapel: Ogden, Halifax

Mount Zion Chapel - established 1773, extended 1815. (2006)

Mount Zion Chapel – established 1773, extended 1815. (2006). The building to the left of the photograph is the original chapel. 



Mount Zion Chapel 

In the later years of the 18th century this much celebrated place of worship proudly carried the name Mount Zion Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. But equally, from the early years of the 18th century the name Mount Zion New Connexion Chapel was regarded just as proudly.

Today, whilst mature trees both enhance and add a touch of softness to an otherwise austere landscape they also shroud the chapel and obscure vision from various distant viewpoints. But not so 200 years ago. At that time this was a largely treeless region. Built of honey-coloured gritstone and located high on the bleak expanse of Ogden Moor, Mount Zion stood prominently and easily seen by all.

Visited on more than one occasion by John Wesley in the late 18th century, Mount Zion became the natural choice for worship, baptisms and burials for many families living in the dispersed farmsteads of these remote moorlands.

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